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Founded in 2022 the national Doctors’ Health Alliance's mission is improving the health of the medical profession for the good of the Australian community.

This Alliance was created by the Australasian Doctors’ Health Network (ADHN) who have collaborated for over 25 years as the key forum for doctors’ health programs across Australia and New Zealand to share resources, research and programs.

The Doctors’ Health Alliance is an independent not-for-profit company with charitable and DGR status. It is overseen by a skills-based board and governance structure that includes a national doctors’ health expert panel to advise on clinical service delivery, training, education and research.

The Alliance is working with every state and territory doctors’ health program to source new inputs, expand clinical networks, training and education and clinical services to isolated doctors. It will continue to strengthen local and national partnerships with organisations such as the AMA, medical colleges, regulators, universities, indemnity providers and government.

The key driving forces behind the Alliance are Executive Officer Kiara Cannizzaro and Chair Dr Roger Sexton. You can hear more from this dream team in our podcast conversation in S3 E10.

The website now provides links and access to many key Doctors' health resources, workshops, webinars and other events. The latest website addition includes a link to relevant podcasts including The Mind Full Medic Podcast. Thank you Roger and Kiara for all of your incredible efforts past, present and ongoing.

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Updated: Feb 9

In S2 E 7 I was honoured to speak to Dr Amandeep Hansra co-founder of the Creative Careers in platform. In our conversation Amandeep tells me about her inspiration for CCIM and to build a community of clinicians who think "outside the square" and the lines of what has traditionally been considered a conventional medical training and career path. At the time of recording the platform had over 14K members. A few years and global pandemic later and the community has grown to over 21K members.

Five years on and this year's CCIM conference

promises to be the biggest and best yet. Themed "Meet me in Mediverse" you can expect critical and forward thinking conversations around innovation, leadership, change management and the future of work and workforce sustainability in healthcare. Dr Amandeep Hansra, Ashe Coxon, Dr Elise Putt and the rest of the team have put together an incredible program and I am looking forward to connecting and learning from many excellent colleagues.

Register here and as a bonus incentive podcast listeners can use the special discount code :


Hope to meet many of you there!

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