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Workplace Wellbeing Conference 2024 Sydney LHD

The next key event showcasing Healthcare Workforce Wellbeing leadership, innovation and evidence and actionable strategy will take place in Sydney on Tuesday 30th April. This event will be hosted by Sydney LHD, the first healthcare organisation in Australia to invest in and fund a Chief Medical Wellbeing Officer role, Dr Bethan Richards. Dr Richards and her growing team have over 4-5 years continued to develop, measure, pilot, iterate and advance their organisations' wellbeing strategy and initiatives. She will present the progress and lessons learned to date at Sydney LHD WellMD and MDOK in her keynote "Operationalising Workplace Wellbeing: Insights, Lessons Learned and a Positive Way Forward"

The program includes workshops and breakout sessions exploring core content including wellness centred leadership, peer support, healthy workplaces and evidence and action based crucial work-unit interventions.

I look forward to joining colleagues from across the country invested in this work on the day including a few of our recently appointed interstate CWOs. This event is both FREE to attend and HYBRID format allowing both online and in person registrations.

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