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MBChB BSc Med Sci (Sports Medicine) FACEM

Dr Cheryl Martin is an Emergency Physician. She has spent nearly two decades working in a variety of emergency, trauma and critical care settings in both Scotland and Australia. Her other main professional interests are in sports, exercise and lifestyle medicine and the health and wellbeing of her colleagues.

Cheryl has held wellbeing portfolios at department, hospital and college level. In 2022 she has had further opportunity develop her leadership skills to effect meaningful, evidence- based change in this area, at the Stanford Medicine Chief Wellness Officer Course.

With a passion for the science, art and practical application of how we might optimise our performance and wellbeing as Emergency Physicians and maintain longevity of practice, The Mind Full Medic Podcast project was born in 2020.

      In 2023/24 she is undertaking a global senior executive MBA programme at Melbourne Business School to further deepen and broaden her strategic leadership, managerial judgement, and organisational behaviour lens. 

     A long-term yoga practitioner, she is encouraged by increasingly robust research supporting a role for this mind-body contemplative practice as a tool for wellbeing. As a yoga teacher she has previously worked with groups and individuals including beginners, office workers and athletes using movement, breathing and relaxation exercises to promote physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Outside of work Cheryl is an avid trail runner and can usually be found exploring the local coastal and mountain trails with her trail tribe. Like her yoga asana practice, she describes running in natural settings as her moving meditation.



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