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Introducing podcast sponsor The Medical Benevolent Association of NSW-ACT

The Medical Benevolent Association of NSW-ACT is a registered ACNC charity run by Doctors for Doctors and their families. MBA NSW-ACT provides counselling and short-term financial assistance through times of crisis, illness, accident, mental health conditions, grief and loss of income to help Doctors and their families in NSW and ACT to recover and return to independence and wherever possible their vocation.

MBA NSW-ACT Tax Appeal 2024 - WEB FINAL
Download PDF • 988KB

Listen to my episode with Executive Officer Louise Fallon to learn more about the work of the MBA NSW-ACT :

Donate to their current appeal :

Thank you to MBA NSW-ACT for all of the work you do to support our colleagues through difficult times and for contributing to this mission aligned non-profit podcast.

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