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About The THE MIND FULL MEDIC  podcast

The Mind Full Medic podcast explores broader definitions health, wellbeing and optimal performance through the words and wisdom of guests who I consider to be leaders and gamechangers in their respective fields. Guests to date include elite athletes, healthcare professionals, yoga teachers, business school professors, coaches, and entrepreneurs from across the globe.

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In S4 E14, the penultimate episode for season 4, I am delighted to welcome three clinicians from North Metropolitan Health Service (NMHS) in WA to speak about their collaborative work to create and implement the multiple award-winning organisational initiative to improve Junior Medical Officer working conditions, wellbeing and experience, The JMO Manifesto. The NMHS JMO Manifesto was developed in collaboration with JMOs and DITs ( Doctors in training), Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital ( SCGH) RMO Society, Senior Clinicians and the AMA. In this conversation I hear from Dr George Eskander current executive director of medical services at NMHS and proud executive sponsor of the JMO Manifesto , Dr Katie McCleod, registrar working in a medical administration and research role at SCGH and Dr Roberta Dumbrava, the SCGH RMO Society co-president and current PGY3 RMO. ( Full bios in episode and on website ) All three clinicians play instrumental leadership roles and work in collaboration to implement, iterate and evolve the JMO manifesto. In this conversation I hear about the nuts and bolts of the manifesto from concept to implementation, the success to date and future plans to evolve the system and process. On first hearing about the JMO Manifesto it might sound like a "unicorn" in building a robust healthcare workforce value proposition but on paper the NMHS JMO Manifesto is quite simple and, indeed, rather obvious. It is however very clear to me, in speaking to the team, that excellence in collaborative values-driven leadership and building a culture of genuine psychological safety have been the enablers. George, Katie and Robbie describe a shift in "the feel of the place" and that their organisation has done a "180 flip". All three clinicians are passionate about creating sustainable organisational and cultural reform and embracing genuine staff wellness through strategic action. The JMO Manifesto is an excellent blueprint for strategic organisational wellbeing reform I am grateful to Dr George Eskander, Dr Roberta Dumbrava and Dr Katie McLeod for sharing their time and expertise. This is how we learn from excellence.


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Meet The Host

Dr Cheryl Martin

I am a Scottish born now Australian living and working emergency medicine doctor.  I have keen interests in sports, exercise, and lifestyle medicine. I have been a runner since my early teens and have a passion for trail running and the incredible places, people, and community the sport has gifted me. I have also practised yoga since my early medical student days and in recent years have completed my 350hr yoga teacher training and post graduate trainings in yoga for athletes and yoga therapy.  I have always been curious about the real-world application of the more holistic definitions of health, wellbeing and what it means to eat, sleep, work, rest, play and perform at our best.

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